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I always looked somewhat older my age and girls did find me attractive. However, I struggled with Premature Ejaculation since I've lost my virginity to my elder sister's friend being 17 y.o. I couldn't sustain a relationship with any girl and I was already starting to feel quite desperate about it, until I turned for an advice to a friend of mine, let's call him Jim. er than me and he seemed experienced enough in sex to ask for an advice. To my surprise Jim wasn't empathetic, he went straight to giving me a recipe on how to deal with my problem. The recipe he gave me is SO DEAD SIMPLE I really felt ashamed I didn't figure it out myself! Here is Jim's solution. 1. Get some Viagra pills. Yes, plain old Viagra, or (better) Cialis or any other erection pill. As long as you are like me and do not actually have an erection dysfunction, you will need a smallest or second to smallest dosage available. [url=]>>>checked shop here

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