Armourplate®, Safety through Strength


Armourplate® glass is Shatterprufe’s tempered glass solution for a vehicle’s side and rear glass. As the leading manufacture and distributor of auto glass nationwide, this essential product has been specially crafted to provide you with clear, strong glass of exceptional quality. Armourplate® glass is manufactured using a unique toughening and tempering process to ensure it is 5 times stronger than un-tempered glass and, when broken crumbles into harmless granules. Armourplate® is the perfect blend of strength and safety. find a fitter close to you.

Tempered Glass for All Types of Vehicles

Armourplate® glass is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product that is used in a wide range of vehicles by virtue of its quality and safety characteristics. Armourplate® is a SABS approved product and is trusted by manufacturers, motorists and glass fitters nationwide.

Tempered or toughened glass is created through a process of heat and chemical treatments that compress the surface of the glass while introducing tension to the core. It is this duality that allows toughened glass to excel when it comes to performance within the following areas:

  • Strength – Resistance to breaking and cracking
  • Thermal Resistance – Able to tolerate a wide range of temperatures without fracturing, eliminating the possibility of dangerous lacerations
  • Safety – Will crumble into relatively harmless granules when broken

As it is not feasible to cut toughened glass after the tempering process, each Armourplate® rear and side glass product is cut and shaped beforehand to ensure the perfect fit, regardless of your vehicle type. For a tempered glass product that provides safety through strength, trust Armourplate® glass and the autoglass fitters who install it.