As the leading auto glass distributor in the country, we have three modern, automated manufacturing plants. The Struandale plant and Neave factory are located in Port Elizabeth and the Shatterprufe® plant in Ga-Rankuwa north of Pretoria produces laminated and toughened glass for national and international markets. Shatterprufe® has a staff complement of 1500 personnel and we manufacture over 1.2 million windscreens and 2.5 million toughened glass parts annually.

We are one of the few national auto glass manufacturers in the world that has the technology, equipment and skills to supply all the top global automotive brands. Over 6 million vehicles in South Africa are fitted with a Shatterprufe® supplied product. We manufacture over 5 million pieces of glass annually; 50% is distributed nationwide and the other 50% is exported to the USA and Europe, which have the highest quality standards in the world. Our export product range consists of over 1500 windscreens and 3000 toughened rear glass and side glass parts.

Process Standards

  • IATF 16949 : 2015
  • ISO 14001 : 2015
  • OEM Standards
  • ECE R43 (European E Mark)
  • USA ANSI Z26 (American DOT Mark)
  • SANS 1191,1192, 1193 (SABS, Laminated Automotive Glass)
  • CCC (China)
  • InMetro (Brazilian Standard)
  • VSCC (Taiwanese Standard)